thin line

One of the first songs I built with Derek, Temple always had a strong, artful quality to it. Ryan always liked how the song builds, and I'm inclined to agree. The beginning throbbing sounds for Temple, which for me always conjure up the image of a film projector, are actually José touching a live cable with his hand. We enjoyed the sounds so much, we recorded it for hours.

Song name: Temple
Written by: Barry Craig, 2006
Performances on this recording: Barry, Jeremy, Joey & Ryan
Last updated: New Jeremy drums and additions, September 2014.
None can see this old face of love. Only me, alone, with you. Don't it just seem to own this place? Awful faces say to be alone. Play, I hear your grace. I see you! Hold it near, this old fleece of gold. Born to feel enormous pain, it's all displaced for me. "To feel this mourning place" awful faces say to feel this ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. I feel it! Well, let's start the show. Feed them like I know. See the light I know. Died and now I'm home. Mine, I see, I know.
Insights and Interpretations:
From Barry, 2010: Fuck if I know. For me, Temple deals with compulsory attendance at anything that feels wrong to you, which could be family dinners, church services, or the DMV. "Ah yes, I remember this familiar shit feeling. I tried to leave this behind a long time ago. But here it is again. Mmmm."
thin line

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