thin line

Of all the Obol songs, Murder has been around the longest, and has evolved the most. Formerly called Seep and Tomb, Murder has had a different vocal melody and sound in each band it has been a part of. In 2007, then-guitarist José proposed that one of the songs in the set address cutting, and the lyrics and vocal melody were revamped to fit. It earned a place on our first album as the climax, the dark song where our overwhelmed protagonist finally becomes a villain.

Song name: Murder
Written by: Barry Craig, 2001
Performances on this recording: Barry, Josh, Joey, Talljoe, Ashton & Ryan
Last updated: August 2012 added Talljoe's keys to the intro and bridge. New vocals March 2012. Recorded some new guitars with Joey in November, 2010.
Here we go, in an ocean of murder. Feel the tide, as it pulls you around. Hold this now. Let the pain be my god. Oh, no. Don't lie to me. Don't hide from me, at all. No. Don't cry on me. Don't die for me. I'm watching all the blood escape the wound! You see I'm, I'm paralyzed! I'm here alone. Thank you. Realize, I'm left alone. Feeling stoned, and emotions abandon. Only time I feel truly alive! Shining now, like the curve of an eye. Oh, no. Don't Lie to me. Don't hide from me, at all. No, don't cry for me. Don't die for me. Paralyzed! I'm here alone. Thank you. Realize, I'm left alone.
Insights and Interpretations:
From Barry, 2010: At this point in the story, our protagonist is at his lowest low. His girl, that he invested way too much in, has left him, and rightly so. The Seep intro walks us through his thoughts as he contemplates suicide, and Murder highlights the unfortunate confrontation with his lover.
Regarding cutting, my understanding is that it works as a sort of extremist meditation, as people sometimes punish themselves to get clarity, because they are otherwise overwhelmed by the noise of emotions coming at them. Several people close to me, including girlfriends and former members of the band, have expressed their tendencies towards self-mutilation. You can read up on the Internet as to why, or talk to us about it. There are no secrets here, and I find the whole thing incredibly fascinating.

thin line

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