thin line

Uncle is the "will it or won't it?" song for the second album. One of the earliest Obol songs, I crafted Paranoia with Jose and Derek's help, and we put this song up on MySpace to get early listener feedback. We resurrected it when Josh took over on drums, but the fact that the song didn't have any guitars always made it an odd duck at practices, etc. No matter what happens to it, I will always be proud of the Fiona Apple swing of the verses and the Tori Amos frailty of the chorus.

Song name: Uncle (aka Paranoia)
Written by: Barry Craig and Jose Suarez, 2008
Performances on this recording: Barry, Joey and Josh
Last updated: Added Joey's guitars July 2013. Updated mix and arrangement, January 2012.
Can't see the benefits of you and I. To be fashioned in your image? Jesus Christ! I should treat you like a wise man, but you're pulling back the rascist stops and sage advice that wouldn't leave me crucified. Uncle, you're holding me back. Odd in your designs. Yeah, yeah, I'm back with all these paranoias. How to keep them out? Crying out the same excuses, just to keep in touch. Here we go now. All the while that I perceive you putting up a low-down feeling. And the buzzards are circling, bleeding at your knees! Blood flowing that you can't slow, peeling on the rind inside me. Faith glimmers into something dignified. Uncle, you're hurting me bad. Odd in your designs. Seeps in, and I'm bound to keep your paranoia. How to keep it out? Crying out the same excuses, just to keep in touch. Just to keep in touch.
Insights and Interpretations:
From Barry, 2012: Uncle is a song that celebrates that moment of clarity when you say to yourself "I need to get away from this person, or I will be mentally fucked up for the rest of my life."
thin line

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