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Nifty Upcoming Show

Howdy, everyone! Obol is playing with Tracii Guns on Thursday, May 12th at Studio Seven in Seattle. Stoffel and Beef Supreme will also be performing. If you haven’t seen these bands before, do yourself a favor and check them out. This show is gonna be awesome! If you're in the Seattle area and you haven't seen the new Obol lineup yet, this is the night to do it!

Thursday, May 12th
Tracii Guns, Stoffel, Obol, and Beef Supreme
21 and over, 7pm
Studio Seven, 110 S. Horton St., Seattle, 98134

Tickets are $15 if you buy them at the door... but they're only $13 if you buy them here (free shipping).

Obol show tickets
Discount Tickets via Obol
Tracii Guns and Obol @ Studio Seven in Seattle on Thursday, May 12th. With Stoffel and Beef Supreme. 21+, 7pm,
$13 (if you buy them here!)
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