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You won’t find each and every song update on this page (though I will try to do a better job to bulletin those on Facebook), but this is where you will find the bigger news items. — Barry
Band seeks a keyboard player or cellist:
December 1, 2018
I'll leave this post up until we find our person. So if you see this news post, it means we're still lookin', and you should write us.

We're currently looking for a fourth and final member. This person would be playing the second melody line in the songs, which is usually (but not necessarily) a piano, strings or cello. If you like Obol, know how to play keys or cello, and are curious to learn more, shoot us a message.
Welcome to Will:
November 27, 2018
This Thanksgiving, we are thankful for Will Tooker. Will is a dynamic powerhouse of a drummer, and he brings a ton of experience and skill to Obol. Learn more about Will on his bio page.
See Obol Live
April, 2016
Hi everyone. The band has started playing live shows again. Last month we played the Funhouse and this month it is with Tracii Guns at Studio Seven. More information on our show promotion page.
Album #2 Mastered:
Just received the tracks for album #2, all mastered and ready to go. They sound phenomenal! Special thanks to Joey, Jeremy, Dana at specialized mastering, and Tall Joe at Stormy Muffin Recording for helping to make this happen. Hear more of the songs on our Facebook page.
New album for sale:
January 1, 2013
Head on over to the albums section for more.
Mastering Complete for Album 1:
December 14, 2012
At last, the mastering is complete for album 1. This means we'll soon have songs that sound finished... and an album to sell. If all goes according to plan, we'll get the master disc in the mail this weekend, and hope to have digital downloads ready by Christmas time.
Josh is stepping down
October 1, 2012
After careful consideration, drummer Josh Zampino has decided to step out of Obol. Josh has been my lieutenant and advisor on the Obol songs since he joined the project, and to say he will be missed is a gross understatement. The timing for these things is never good, and this is no exception: album 1 is largely done, and our last show at the Mix was the tightest we've sounded live. Josh will be missed---he is talented, funny, and insightful, and we hope to collaborate with him again some day.
Recording Complete for Album 1:
June 15, 2012
This month we recorded the last of the drums for Album #1, and I just uploaded the new mixes for both Revoluçión and Wasted. Definitely check them out. When we get the last of the drums worked into the songs, the next step will be mastering, and then, we should have an album to sell!
See Obol Live:
June 21, 2011
Come catch a glimpse of us in action! As we record the album and the guys learn the last few songs, we're bringing the best songs out to you! This month, June 21st, we're playing at the Funhouse in Seattle. Next month it will be at the High Dive in Fremont. Check out our Facebook page for the latest events and show dates!
Ryan is Leaving!
November 1, 2010
It is with great sadness that we have to make the following announcement. Our friend and musical colleague, Ryan Dirks, has decided to move back to Iowa to pursue his Architecture career. Ryan leaves big shoes to fill, and it will be tricky to find a good replacement for him on the keys/strings/piano. Good luck, Ryan! We'll miss you!
Band Name Change
April 24, 2010
We all loved Silverspun as a name. I mean, we really loved it. It was perfect. But as we got ready to make our big push into the world with a new album, etc. It was important to make sure the name was set.
The Silversun Pickups became very popular over the past year or two. Fortunately for the world, that means a lot of hit singles, possibly for years to come. Unfortunately for us, it meant we had to scrutinize our name, as TSP showed no sign of leaving the spotlight.
The more we talked to people and mentioned our band's name, the more misunderstandings we ran into as folks thought we were TSP. Which brings us to today. We brainstormed hundreds of great names and checked them all out on MySpace, Google, etc. to see what was "taken" and what isn't. You'd be surprised how many bands out there are called Echo Chamber, by the way.
After much ado and several great options (I will always love you, Memory Vault), the final vote breakdown looked something like this:
A Thousand Rooms - 28
Obol - 36
Memory Vault - 8
Nonsense Poems - 4
Twenty Fragments - 9
Immersion Mansion (or Immersion Museum) - 1
Each person who voted on a name voted for more than one, citing certain advantages to this or that. What's interesting is that every single person who voted, voted for either Obol or A Thousand Rooms. During our final meeting on the name, we went back and forth on them, and eventually Josh and Ashton ruled out "A Thousand Rooms" due to some usage concerns.
We are excited about the new name and look forward to seeing how it is used, and how it will impact our image and the music, for years to come.
Cover Song Contest
February 2010 - ongoing
Ladies and gentlemen, Obolers, children of all ages,
There is a cover song contest! It's like American Idol, sort of. The guys thought it would be a good idea to play a song at the shows that people might recognize but never expect, and since then we've been having fun trying to determine which song to play. We've been batting around some very promising, distinct and interesting possibilities. You can listen to some quick scratch recordings below. For this to make any sense, be sure to pause the Obol music player that may otherwise be playing. =)
Taste in Men
Material Girl
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
Where the River Flows
Don't forget to write us and tell us what your vote is / are for which song(s) to play live!
The Band is Complete
February, 2010
The lineup is finished. Sacrifice your goats!
Check out the band page for more info on Ashton and Ryan!
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