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1. Life before this project. What other bands have you been in?
In Seattle: CH Pyun and The Invalidz. In Chicago: Divided, Before the Sun, CoDM. In Dallas: Aliens Wanted, Element X, i4Ni, Polar, WuMB, SinOpera, Threshold.

2. What is different about Obol? Why do it?
Obviously, the music. Obol is one of the more progressive and artistic bands that I've been in. Why do it? First because of I'm a fan of the music. Second, I enjoy playing with these guys! When we are jamming, it's pure magic!

3. What is your impression of your band mates? Nuts?
They are super cool and they clearly wash regularly, which is a plus in close quarters. I also feel like I'm "dating up", meaning working with guys with a lot of talent and creativity which forces me to really up my game and bring it!

4. Why progressive music? What is "prog" to you??
I've been playing hard rock and metal for 20 years.... I love listening to it, but just don't want to play it any more. Even as a kid when I was playing with my Legos, I'd be listening to Phil Collins, Genesis, Toto, Mike & the Mechanics, Stevie Wonder, Kansas and the like. I had no idea of "prog" back then, it was just good and interesting music. In my mid and late teens I discovered bands like, The Police, RUSH, Fates Warning, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, so I guess "prog" has always appealed to me.

5. What are your thoughts on the music scene these days?
As far as the live music scene: no idea, as I'm new to the Seattle area. If we are talking about what's on the radio or what's popular, it's mostly crap. Popular music seems to rely on gimmicks more than anything else. As an active music listener, you really have to dig for something interesting and good.

6. What kind of gear do you use?
My go-to kit is a 7 piece Pearl Prestige Session Select Series that I bought back in '98, topped off with Zildjian A series cymbals and attacked with ProMark sticks and DW pedals. Recorded a few albums with this set up. In rehearsal, I cycle between a Yamaha 5 piece, PDP 5 piece, or what ever else I've picked up. At home I play an Alesis Strike Pro electronic kit.

7. What keeps you busy outside of music?
I design and sell conveyor and material handling equipment.... long ways from the rock star life I envisioned, but I enjoy it and am not half bad at it. I've also taken to flipping drums kits, just for the fun of it. I try to find neglected drums, breathe new life into them, play them, then sell them.

8. What kind of things do you love?
In no particular order: Women, traveling, reading, working out, hiking, grocery shopping, cooking and eating!

9. What pisses you off?
Seattle drivers, hands down the worst drivers in the nation.

10. What do you want people to remember about you?
"What was that guys name again?"

thin line

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