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1. What are some of your favorite bands/ albums/ influences?
I've got TONS of influences! There have been so many bands and people that have inspired me in one way or another. I grew up listening to a lot of classic rock, because that's what my mom listened to — Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Santana, etc. I'm the youngest of 3, and growing up in the 80's I heard a lot of what my siblings listened to. My brother gave me more of the Metallica/ Slayer side of things and my sister gave me more of the Skid Row/ Scorpions side. Going through the 90's, a lot of Alternative/ Seattle rock music entered my ear-holes! I still love Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Mother Love Bone, Temple of the Dog, Mudhoney, Mad Season, Candlebox... I could go on. I listen to all kinds of stuff. Lately I've really been digging St. Vincent, Muse & Puscifer. Mid 90's is when I discovered Tool. As a drummer, Danny Carey has been the most influential. There are tons of great drummers out there, so I won't go down that road.

2. Life before this project. What other projects have you been in?
I've been in several Seattle bands/ projects. Ones of note are: Bloodshot Barrels, Aradia & In The Between.

3. What is different about Obol? Why do it? What is the point?
Obol... it's dynamic. It's fun. It's emotional. It's so many things! I do it because of those things, and it challenges me...

4. What are your thoughts on the music scene these days?
Seattle has great music! You can go out 8 days a week and see an awesome band! Not many people do, however.

5. Barry says "prog" a lot. Does that word mean anything?
Who's Barry?

6. What is your impression of your band mates? Nuts?
All artists are nuts! I'm a nut. We're the good kind of nuts though, like pistachios.

7. Do you like your equipment? What gear do you use?
I love my gear. If money wasn't an issue, sure, I might have a different/ another kit. My main squeeze is a Gretch Catalina Maple 6 piece. I've got a trinity of roto-toms and some "bells & whistles" too. Can't give away all my secrets.

8. What keeps you busy outside of music?
Once an artist, always. To pay the bills I do graphic design.

9. What do you love/want?
I love passion. When I can tell that someone is passionate about what they are doing/ did, it resonates in me.

10. If the meteor hits tomorrow, and we’re all devoured by water monkeys, what do you want people to remember about you?
I'm the king of the water monkeys!!!
thin line

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