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Joey Stanker: At age 8, he was the youngest man to master the sleeping cricket, the all-but-forgotten art of strangling someone with your thighs. At age 14, Joey managed to lift a toppled bus from atop his fellow school children... a bus that, some say, had crashed under mysterious circumstances. Shortly after school, Joey drove tanks for the army.

1. What are some of your favorite bands/ albums/ influences?
Favorite Bands: Fishbone, Led Zeppelin, MUSE, Joe Satriani, Stevie Wonder, Bow Wow Wow, the Cult

Albums: Are You Experienced, Appetite For Destruction, I'm a Boinger, the Cult - Love

Influences: Django Reinhardt, Joe Satriani, Angelo Moore, Penn And Teller, Cheekay Munkay Bob.

2. Life before this project. What other projects have you been in?
Chapter 11, BK Decay, Damaged Cellulose, The Sacred Truths, The Super Geek League, Short One Monkey, NOXLords.

3. What is different about Obol? Why do it? What is the point?
Hookers And Blow.

4. What are your thoughts on the music scene these days?
As always, the awesome and the lame linger everywhere, but I love the good in both.

5. Barry says "prog" a lot. Does that word mean anything?
He should adopt turrets.

6. What is your impression of your band mates? Nuts?
Josh has a great ass; Barry is better than Josh. I can't see Ryan, he should come back.

7. Are you a good drummer?
Yes, well no...

8. Oops, sorry. How about your guitar playing?
Yes, well no...

9. Do you like your equipment? What gear do you use?
I like my eqipment and so does my Harpie. I totally use my gear. My musical rig is comprised of Ibanez JEMs and JCM2000 for amplification

10. What keeps you busy outside of music?
House, family, KLOWN, penguin, Munkay.

11. What do you love/want?
I want a Lamborghini Countach, I love my Harpie and Stevin.

12. What pisses you off?
Rude fuckers that have it comin'.

13. If the meteor hits tomorrow, and we’re all devoured by water monkeys, what do you want people to remember about you?
That I tasted good.
thin line

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