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In high school, Joe Wasson played trumpet, simultaneously igniting a deep interest in music and an even deeper hatred of high school students. As the years have passed, Joe has mellowed considerably, yet he is still protective of his collection of “Paint It Black” covers. Every day, Joe boards a maritime vessel, presumably to work...

1. What are some of your favorite bands/ albums/ influences?
I have a wide variety of musical interests and influences. Some that bubble to the top are Minus The Bear, Failure's "Fantastic Planet", Underworld, Chicago, Procol Harum, Dave Matthew's Band, Hum, Live, and the ubiquitous Tool.

2. Life before this project. What other projects have you been in?
I played bass guitar in Short One Monkey. Also played in various collaborations that went nowhere.

3. What is different about Obol? Why do it? What is the point?
Barry is what's different about Obol. Playing keys again after so long and doing it with such a challenging genre really attracted me.

4. What are your thoughts on the music scene these days?
These are interesting times. The music production process is becoming more accessible which means a balance of power shifting towards the artists. In addition, digital music and the mp3 single changes the dynamic of how music is consumed.

5. Barry says "prog" a lot. Does that word mean anything?
It means Barry gets to break the rules.

6. What is your impression of your band mates? Nuts?
We're all nuts.

7. Are you a good keyboard player?
Come to a show and find out for yourself!

8. Do you like your equipment? What gear do you use?
I have a Korg Triton and an Akai MPK88 keyboard controller running to various rackmount pieces of gear, namely an Alesis QSR and a Korg Triton Rack.

9. What keeps you busy outside of music?
Working and scheming to keep from doing work. It's all part of my plan to be able to do nothing but music forever.

10. What do you love/want?
A Hammond B3 (or a reasonable facsimile), a life of leisure, and an underground lair.

11. What pisses you off?
Having to do unnecessary work or doing things inefficiently. I lack patience for incompetence. Otherwise I'm pretty easy to get along with.

13. If the meteor hits tomorrow, and we’re all devoured by water monkeys, what do you want people to remember about you?
What people are left to remember us if the water monkeys devour us all? I would want the water monkeys to remember me as virtuous, brave, and al dente.
thin line

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